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    1. What is your IGN? Elfehn

    2. How old are you? 14

    3. What is your time zone? CT

    4. How many hours can you contribute to the server on a daily basis?
    Sunday: 6+ Hours
    Monday: 5+ Hours
    Tuesday: 5+ Hours
    Wednesday: 5+ Hours
    Thursday: 5+ Hours
    Friday: 5+ Hours

    5. Have you had any past experience as a staff member? If so, please give us a brief explanation on what you were assigned to do and what you did for the server.

    MatrixHCF (10+ players) [Helper](Resigned)
    I was staff on MatrixHCF around the year of 2018. I was staff on that server for about 1-2 months before I resigned due to the Owners because super toxic, and threating the Staff members of the server.

    OverCast Network (30+ players) [Moderator] (Resigned)
    I was a moderator on the Overcast network for at least a week, before I resigned from my position of moderator due to me being the only active staff member on most of the time.

    Reborn Network (5+ Players) [Admin] [Resigned]
    I was Admin on Reborn Network, before I left the server, due to the staff being inexperienced and rude to other players.

    6. Are you good at screen-sharing? I kinda know the basic of screen-sharing, but someone would need to teach me more.

    7. Of all the servers, why choose VectorNetwork as a server to apply for staff? Why I would choose VectorNetwork over all the other servers Is, the player/staff of this community seem really welcoming and nice when I first came on the server. The other reason Is I would like to learn how to be a staff member on an HCF network and Vector gives me that chance.

    8. What makes you stand out amongst the other players applying for staff? My social skills, I'm good at talking to others, I'm also good at staying calm in heated situations. I have been staff on lots of other servers, but HCF is the one I have been staff on the less.

    9. What are your strengths and weaknesses?


    Social Skills - I'm good at talking with other users, and also good at learning other people behaviors.

    Calmness - I can stay calm in very heated situations, and also at the same time support the player

    Quick Learner - I can learn quickly in hard situations.

    Friendly - I'm a super friendly person to be around, and I think this would be a good strength to have on the server.


    Lack of Experience on HCF servers - I lack the experience of other people, but I still have a basic knowledge of staffing.

    Age - I think my age could be a weakness in a sense.

    Mic - I don't really like my microphone, and I think this could be a weakness.

    10. Give us a brief explanation of your personality. I think I'm a chill, calm guy, And I think my personality is kinda happy/joking.

    If a player is frozen for being sketchy, and he comes in the discord being really toxic, what would you do in that situation? I would try to calm the player down and depending on your Staff guide. If they continue I would refuse help, And of coruse, I would get proof of the player being toxic. And I would refuse help if this is allowed in the staff guide.

    If someone came into discord saying that there was a hacker, what would you do? If the player, is being super loud I would try to calm the player down. When I calm the player down, I would ask the player for an IGN, and I would go to the hacker. And record proof of them hacking, and punish them.
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    Denied, Proof of ddos
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